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Care Story


Awesome work

I am a single mum of 4, I had a promising corporate job in a 9-5 establishment. My life was good until my Mum developed Dementia. I thought I could be all superhuman to take care of my family and my mum but then it began to take its toll on me. I lost my job, and I became an entrepreneur thinking this will give me time to take care of my mum. She got worse and I couldn’t bare the psychological trauma I brought upon myself. There was something I never thought was necessary- I forgot to ask for help.
Care Story


Very effective!!

We knew she was going to die but seeing her go through pain everyday was taking the life out of us all. We decided to get a caregiver to give her the right care at the end of life. It was a relief to us all to see that she lived well and passed on gloriously with all of us standing by her side.
Care Story


Excellent team!!!

I grew up knowing that to love myself is to love others the way they want to be loved. I am very considerate of my environment, and I always look out to give my best. Giving my best includes recognizing when my dad needed a live-in care assistant. I did the right thing. I asked for help. He is comfortable and I am happy knowing that my dad is in the best hands.
Care Assistant Story

Care Assistant

Nice job!!

I grew up seeing how my daddy cared and supported the needy living in our area and I knew I had a compassionate spirit to offer similar help to those who need it. It was a no-brainer when the opportunity to came. I love MCA, it is all about the genuineness and sincerity of purpose.
Care Story


Thanks for the care!!!

It could have been worse; my mental health was on the line. My son has learning disability and will require a live-in carer. I was his carer for over 4 years. At a point I realised I had no life of my own. My son did not stop me from living, I didn’t realise I could live my life and help him to live his as well. My coach advised me to go on a break and allow someone else care for my son. It was the best decision ever. My son means the world to me, and I am glad he is adequately supported.
Care Assistant Story

Care Assistant

Dream come true!

I love to be a solution provider, when the opportunity to be a care assistant came I new this was what I wanted to do. To help people get well….