Care intervention and support for patient with long term care needs in Nigeria: A socio-cultural perspective
An event for Qualified Nurses, Student Nurses, Graduate Nurses, Senior Nurse Leader, Government Official / Private Sector Official, Care Support Associates within and outside Nigeria.

November 2022


Care Conference 2022

Care support for people living with life long care needs is in great demand globally. Patients and caregivers have culturally sensitive to this need especially in Nigeria due to lack of information, awareness and insight into the importance of skilled caregivers providing altruistic care to vulnerable people. During this conference we will be looking at the impact of psychosocial predictors of caregiving, cultural underpinning and factors that impact upon it, the science of caregiving in the delivery of quality care to patients in Nigeria.
Our 2022 care conference is modeled around very practical sessions, high profile panel discussions and inspirational keynotes. Increase your knowledge, take away tangible points and re-strategize the modus operandi of your business.

To reduce the risk of poor health status, improve healthcare access and prolonged life expectancies. It is essential that vulnerable members of the population are well cared for and supported to live a good quality of life in their homes, care home or hospital environment.

The social care niche is a budding sector in the Nigeria healthcare ecosystem but a lack of awarenss and reduced acceptability is creating challenges with operations and value address service for the people utilizing this services.

Most Nigerians consider it a punishment to send their elderly parents to an old peoples’ home, to seek help in taking care of their children with special needs, or even seeking recovery support after a major surgery. There is something the care industry in Nigeria is doing ultimately wrong. There is a reason why we aren’t scaling this industry the way we ought to in Nigeria.

In this light, join seasoned healthcare professionals, nurses and care assistants with over ten years of experience striving to transform the care space in Nigeria.

The conference focuses on how you can improve the quality of care you offer, workforce recruitment and retention challenges, support, advice for your business, how social care can be better integrated with the Nigerian health care system and how you can incorporate technology into your business.

You are able to come with your business fliers and your team, to showcase what you are all about. There will be representatives from prestigious hospitals in attendance and the crème de la crème of the health care sector as well. This is a conference you do not want to miss.

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