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Dear Caregiver,

My name is Abiola Ayilara, CEO MyCare Assistant Ltd. About 16 years ago I got qualified as a Registered Nurse from Lagos State School of Nursing, after about 3 years post-qualification I relocated to the United Kingdom for my post graduate degree (BSc. Adult (University of Sunderland and MSc. Adult Nursing (Teesside University). While I was a student in the university, I applied to a healthcare recruitment company where I would be able to get shifts to care for people and at the same time gain more experience working in the UK NHS Trusts (Hospitals or care homes).

As a standard, I had to enroll on the care agency training for caregivers before I could even get a job to work in a care home or a hospital. This process can take as long as 4 weeks to 12 weeks (depending on how fast you are and if you have all your pre-employment tests completed). I got the opportunity to work after investing over £600 in training.

Training to become a caregiver was one of the best investments I ever made even though I was already a registered nurse. That international experience prepared me for the future I believe is possible to attain in Nigeria today. Especially when I had a personal experience of loosing my dear ant to breast cancer, if there was MyCare Assistant then, her death would not be traumatic for us all.

You are about to begin your path into caregiving, I implore you to give it your time and your very best. It is rewarding, it will be worth your while, everyone you come across will benefit from it and it will make you a better person. The National Caregiver Certification Course is one out of the six course we offer through American Caregiver Association, and I look forward to helping you on this journey of being a caregiver.