First Aid, CPR and AED Training

Majority of cardiac arrest occurs outside the walls of healthcare facilities. Globally, there are over 230 Million people living with cardiac diseases and 550,000 individuals experience cardiac arrest every year. 

Although cardiac disease is attributed to lifestyle factors, the majority is caused by lack of awareness about hypertension, hereditary and poor healthcare practices. 

We may not be able to determine the cause of cardiac disease but we can help to minimise the loss of lives through Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

The global survival rate of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest who received CPR has increased over the past 4 decades. A higher survival rate is more likely among patients who received bystander CPR or if a relative or friend knows how to perform CPR. 

Performing CPR

It is important that at least 2 people within ones’ cycle know how to perform CPR. Organizations need to make CPR training mandatory for their staff. Public and private school teachers and pupils and the entire population are 

  1. Expected to identify the signs of cardiac arrest,
  2. Understand the basic principles of CPR 
  3. And how it is important in the first 3 minutes of a cardiac arrest.

In the event of a cardiac arrest; what are the signs to look out for and how can this knowledge bring about saving an individual’s life? To answer all these questions and more;

Click the link below to register for our First Aid and CPR training. This training will be delivered by our UK trained and AHA certified  trainers.