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There are around 32 million people in Nigeria living with learning disabilities which impact their day to day lives in numerous ways. For many people it can mean heavy reliance on family carers and often residential care.

Learning disabilities vary considerably from one person to another and may be mild, moderate or more complex. They also may be associated with physical or emotional issues. They can have an impact on behaviour, relationships, learning, communication and social skills. Regardless of the learning disability you or your family member experiences, our highly trained caregivers are committed to providing person-centred support that focuses on skills, abilities and wellbeing, and enables you or your loved one to live a fulfilled life.

Client confidentiality, protection and vulnerability is the hallmark of what we do at MyCare Assistant Ltd. We understand that people with intellectual disabilities are often labelled by their condition. At MyCare Assistant we provide person-centred care for each individual, not their condition.With tailored support from our caregivers we can help those with learning disabilities lead a full, rewarding and independent life. Our support can range from general domestic duties through to more personal and emotional assistance, helping with areas such as communication and social skills. When we meet with you or your loved one, we take full account of your age, requirements and individual circumstances, before devising a detailed care plan.

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