Our Mission, Vision, and Values

We are a fully digital driven healthcare company in creating high-quality
solutions that speak directly to your customers.

Our Mission

What drives us

To provide a digitalised evidence-based quality care assistance to our clients (individuals, hospitals, organizations) by making a significant difference to someone’s quality of life

What we do

The work done by our caregivers include
  • Helping with daily physical tasks and providing social interactions and emotional support.
  • Helping with independence and mobility
  • Caring for children with behavioural challenges at home or at school.
  • Helping with personal care.
  • Assisting with shopping based on suggestive recommendations.
  • Providing detailed description of events related to the health and behaviour of loved ones
  • Helping to review initial and ongoing care plans.

Our Aim

is to ensure you have:
  • Skilled and altruistic healthcare assistants providing optimal support to you or your loved one.
  • Measurable and targeted holistic care plan underpinned by professional recommendations and intervention.
  • Achievable and attainable healthcare goals relating to you or your loved one’s healthcare needs
  • Reassuring belief in our competence to deliver quality care assistance to you and your loved one
  • Timely progress report of the services rendered to you and your loved one.

Our Healthcare Assistants

Professional care givers

Our caregivers are thoroughly trained to assist patients and provide laid out care plan support for our clients. We partner with hospitals and health maintenance organization as well as individual clients to deliver the best of service.

My Care Assistant will provide you with all the help you need based on established condition of contract in your home, hospital, school, recreational or rehabilitation centres.

We are goal-oriented
we give you the best experience

Post Hospital Care


Technical know how




We help patients heal
and recover faster

The Nurse Assistant is a patient centered customized service that helps to promote post hospital care and easy transition to normal life evidenced by standardized quality of care.
Our Services